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Welcome! I’m glad you found us.
The Light House is a safe harbor for self-exploration and wellness. Wherever you are on your voyage of healing, The Light House offers a beacon of hope in the dark and stormy sea of challenges to the mind, body or spirit.

Your own light, combined with my training and experience, will guide you toward a happier, stronger and more peaceful you!

Our mission is to restore the foundations of our clients’ health so that they regain the capacity for self-healing on a physical, emotional, mental and soul level. Many of my clients work in the healthcare profession and find the treatments and guidance to inner wellness and healing to support their own work as healers.

Here is one example of the kind of teamwork  possible between a client and myself as written by her:

Barbara is a down-to-earth, caring, intelligent practitioner, and working with her has helped me get to the underpinnings and integrate other healing work I have done and am doing. As part of the Biontology session, Barbara acts as holistic counselor – including remedies and diagnostics suggestions to further pinpoint underlying issues – and has helped clarify treatment with my acupuncturist. Thus far I have had 3 clusters of appointments with her…each consisting of 3 consecutive sessions, 5-7 days apart, followed by a month-ish break, during which I see my acupuncturist. This has worked well, the Biontology inviting new energies and dynamics, then the familiarity and strengthening of the acupuncture during the interim. My response to Biontology varies… initially sometimes acute/severe symptoms during the 3-days following a session which would immediately clear up on the 4th day. Sometimes I am energized and a symptom completely has disappeared, for the 3 days, or for good. Overall, I have more energy and vitality, am sleeping through the night again, digestion and elimination normalizing, increased mental clarity and emotional integration, and changes in my external circumstance also can be attributed in part to my work with Barbara. She is a lovely balance of spirit and grounding, and I’m blessed to work with her. If you’re considering working with her, do it, and plan for 10-12 sessions. Immerse yourself in the process. What a gift of self-investment!

How light heals?
Light is the vehicle that carries the information necessary for life to exist. When the light grows dim, chaotic or depleted, so does the information. Systems within the body struggle to remember how to function. Using an instrument called the Chiren, a biontologist communicates with the body to choose remedies that will neutralize chaotic light or amplify weak light. During your session these remedies are inverted and given back to your body with its own amplified coherent light.

ODE Magazine’s article Standing In the Light provides wonderful information regarding how light heals.

See The Institute for Applied Biophoton Science link for more about the amazing language of light


6 responses to “Email:; Phone: 503 927 6982

  1. Michelle

    This has been an amazing therapy for me, can’t say enough great things about it. I feel stronger with amazing energy, no hip pain and an overall sense of well-being. Highly recommend!!!!!

  2. Thank you Michelle, I appreciated working with you to achieve your health and life goals. In rays of light and love, Barbara

  3. Toby

    Barbara does an amazing job of making the esoteric world of healing with light a very approachable and therefore effective therapy. Her knowledge of health and healing combined with her extensive training and expertise of the Chiren machine makes her an invaluable practitioner. I have personally benefitted so much from working with her, and I look forward to seeing her again soon to do some more touch up work and keep moving my health toward its most optimal state. Thanks Barbara!

  4. Karen

    I’ve tried so many natural therapies over the years and biophoton therapy has been a great addition. Barbara is such a supportive practitioner who never loses sight of your goals. She has been through and overcome so much in the course of her own health journey; she can genuinely empathize. Thank you for being a living testimony and for all your help so far!

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